Amrita Children's Home (Amrita Watoto Boma)

Amongst the problems that the poor face in Kenya, Amrita Centre Kenya has been particularly concerned with the tribulations that afflict children who are deprived of proper shelter, parental care and schooling. Without correct upbringing, such children's lives become a challenging existence, ever dependent on others for their survival.

Increasing poverty and escalating living-costs in Kenya have increased school dropouts. Moreover the 2008-9 drought and famine have made food scarcer such that parents are forced to remove children from schools. Some parents even marry off their daughters early, to earn bride price that would enable the rest of the children to continue schooling. In many cases, the family can barely make ends meet, such that the older children have to seek employment, so that the family can afford food, let alone schooling. Moreover issues related to HIV-AIDS and single parent families have further compounded the difficulties that afflict the underprivileged children in Kenya.

Amma's tireless worldwide philanthropic programs and Her philosophy of selfless service for spiritual development have inspired Amrita Centre Kenya to establish a children's-care centre that would provide shelter and education for most needy children. Eleven acres of land near Athi River has already been donated for the purpose of establishing the envisaged children's home. Amrita Centre Kenya's plans for the children's home include dormitories, classrooms, an administrative block, playground and sports facilities, medical clinic and other facilities. Construction of the main structures for this development is already underway, with the first phase to be inaugurated by Amma during her visit to Kenya in April, 2009. Upon completion of the first phase of construction, 54 children will be adopted by Amrita Centre Kenya. The children's home will be able to house about one hundred children, aged between 6-14 years.

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